Chris Veeh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Christopher A. Veeh (he/him) is an assistant professor at the University of Iowa School of Social Work. His work is focused on intervention research to develop and evaluate reentry programs for individuals returning to the community following incarceration. Dr. Veeh began his research in 2004 evaluating a reentry program that was eventually chosen by the National Institute of Justice Crime Solutions as a promising practice. He also co-developed the Five Key Model for Reentry that focuses on the promotion of well-being among individuals returning from incarceration. The Five Key Model is currently being tested in a multi-state randomized control trial. His current work focuses on justice-involved individuals with a history of traumatic brain injury.

Research areas
  • Health, Mental Health, and Disability
Veeh headshot
Ph.D., University of Denver, 2015
M.S.W., University of Kansas, 2007
B.S.W., University of Kansas, 2006