Christie Cellman, BASW

Graduate Research Assistant

Christie Cellman (they/them) is an advanced standing graduate student on the Integrated Practice track in the University of Iowa’s School of Social Work (MSW) program. Their professional and research interests are centered on health and disability-related research and policy, as well as advocating for and promoting the well-being of the disabled community as a disabled individual.

Christie graduated from the University of Iowa’s undergraduate School of Social Work (BASW) program in 2021 and began their advanced placement program the following fall. They were nominated for a student advisor position on Student Disability Service’s (SDS) Student Advisory Board (SAB), whose purpose is to consult and collaborate with SDS in order to better the experience for students at the University of Iowa through advocacy, education, and awareness, and to promote the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and earned a seat on the board shortly thereafter.

Christie is an avid volunteer, volunteering for organizations like Hospice, The Bird House, and Habitat for Humanity. They have given various speeches on behalf of organizations and in 2018, they spoke at the Integrated Voter Assembly hosted by the Johnson County Interfaith Coalition and the Iowa City chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) concerning the lack of affordable housing and resources in Iowa City. In their free time, they like to spend time with their family and friends, travel, and crochet.

Christie Cellman photo
University of Iowa, BASW, 2021