The following are links to different web sites that contain information about assistive technology products. This web site is divided by the assistive technology products for easier access. This web site is neither inclusive of all possible assistive technology products nor by citing these suggested these products are better than others. These products are for an overall review and may very greatly among each other. For example scan read systems may range in price from $1300 to $50. Quality of the product of is dependent upon user needs and the job task.


  • Close Circuit Television (CCTV)
    A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a video magnification system consisting of a video screen interfaced with a video camera. Video magnification is achieved in two ways - the electronic conversion from the small camera imager to the larger display screen and the optical effect of the cameras zoom lens. The CCTV system provides high contrast, inverse video display, gray scale, false colors, natural colors, and/or control of contrast level and brightness.” Source: Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
    Enhanced Vision Systems:

  • Braille and Embossers
    Braille is a system of touch reading for the blind which employs embossed dots evenly arranged in quadrangular letter spaces or cells. In each cell, it is possible to place six dots, three high and two wide. By selecting one or several dots in characteristic position or combination, 63 different characters can be formed.” Source: Braille Authority of North America (BANA)

  • Refreshable Braille Displays
    Refreshable Braille Displays are electronic devices that are used to read text that a computer sends to the monitor. The device is connected to the computer by a serial cable and produces Braille output on the Braille display. Refreshable Braille displays only read one line of text at a time. These displays generally include directional keys which allow the user to navigate through a document.” Source: Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
    ALVA Refreshable Braille:
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